Budapest in (Even More) Pictures

In my last post about Budapest, I shared photos from the first days of my trip. Once my event started we went on a tour with a group of participants and guess what… I took a TON more photos! You can read about part one here.  Our tour took us across the Danube and into […]

Budapest in Pictures

I recently had the experience of going to Budapest, Hungary for work. A HUGE plus of my job is international travel, and while it stinks to be away from home at times, I get to see some amazing places. I took over 200 photos during my time in Budapest so bear with me while I […]

My Baby IS a Snow Baby!

Welcome to Winter Storm Jonas!! (By the way, who decided to name winter storms? Why not like Winter Storm 2,081? Does the name make it more personal?) We’re all cozy in our house and thankfully don’t have to go out for anything. And the city just mandated that all roads were closed starting at 2:30pm […]

Wordless Wednesday

    Sunset from my hotel balcony in Los Angeles

Baby Bean’s first photo shoot (kind of)

A few weeks ago my friend Rachel asked me if I wanted to do a maternity photo shoot with her in the city.  Some of you may remember Rachel as a blogger.  She doesn’t really blog anymore, but if you weren’t aware she’s an AMAZING photographer – so good that she was able to leave […]

DIY: Photo wall

Before you do anything, go ahead and click on the blog if you’re viewing this in a reader… go on, do it. ISN’T IT PRETTY? I’ve made the leap over to self-hosting at WordPress, and I’m not lying in the least when I say it wouldn’t have even begun to happen without the help of […]