How I Organized My Husband

Up until a week or so ago Dave’s dresser drawers were atrocious. Mainly his T-shirt drawers. Shirts tossed in every which way, ones at the bottom of the piles never being worn, drawers being too full to close, etc. Granted I’m the one who folds and puts away the laundry in our house so technically […]

Making a list and checking it twice

I’m a big list maker. At work, I have to work with a notebook by my side that I’m constantly updating with new things I have to do, crossing out what’s done and then starting a whole new page when it gets too messy. (OCD YAY!) Until recently I was only doing this at work […]


“Overwhelmed” is a word I’d use to describe how I’ve felt recently about my digital life recently. There are more times than not when I’d look at my closed laptop, and immediately start to feel anxious about all the unread blogs, emails, updates and other things I’d been letting pile up. It was hitting the […]

What’s in my Hospital Bag

Today, other than being Dave’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DADDY!), has been rather shiteous in terms of house crap and hormones. But I already wrote about the house BS the other day, so I won’t repeat myself here. (That’s what Twitter is for!) I also didn’t take any pictures yet for my 38 week preggo […]

Removing the stress from my life – what I should have done MONTHS ago

(First I want to preface this post by saying I started this draft on September 8.  That shows how much time I’ve been able to devote to this blog.)  🙁 I stress out easily.  And at the drop of a hat.  Dave can attest to this, trust me.  Most of it is work related, and […]

What’s in my bag: #20SBSummit edition!

I’ve always wanted to do one of those “What’s in my Bag” posts. I’m a nosy person – I knowing what people carry in their bags! (I also peek into people’s windows while walking by if the shades are up… stalker much?) When I got home from the 20SB Summit I figured that was better […]