Organizing My Life – My Blog Notebook & Accessories

Last month I shared how I keep myself organized with my paper planner, and now it’s onto how I keep myself organized (or at least am attempting to) with my blog notebook! Some may think its weird to keep blog ideas on paper, since the blog is digital and all, but in my 10+ years […]

Organizing My Life – My Paper Planner & Accessories

I’m a person that needs to write it down on paper, otherwise it doesn’t get done. Seriously sometimes at home if I’m overwhelmed I write myself a to-do list of the simplest tasks to keep me going. Before we left for vacation I literally wrote down “shower” as one of my tasks the day before […]

Purging the Hall Closet/Cubby

Well it has been MONTHS since I’ve a) purged an area of my house and b) shared it with you! Sigh. I’ve got some updates on the year of┬ápurging so here we go! I don’t have photos of it, but we purged the den a few months ago. The den was a crap hole haha. […]

Purging the Pantries

Second purging task done! (Woo hoo!) I took advantage of a slow weekend to go through our pantries. We have one in the kitchen and one in the downstairs den and it had been too long since I had gone through the contents of them. I actually don’t think that I’ve ever gone through them […]

My Home Purging Plan

One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I tend to get really overzealous about something and immerse myself in it only to abandon it down the road. Hobbies, projects, fitness – you name it, it’s happened. With this purge that I am undertaking this year I want to make sure I […]

Six Easy Ways I Help at Home When I’m on a Work Trip

Last week (well, from the 13th to the 19th) I was away for an event. This is one of my longer work trips and honestly it doesn’t matter how long or short they are – I always feel guilty for leaving. It’s hard leaving Dave and Sadie for that length of time and knowing that […]