I’m from New York, not New Yaawwk

Last night was a LOT of fun. There were 11 or so awesome Chicago bloggers that came out to hang for the night, and from deep dish pizza to beers at Elephant & Castle, I had a blast. So thanks again to Jenn for putting it all together, and the following kick ass bloggers for […]

Sooo Fierce!

So OMG I just saw Christian Siriano from Project Runway Season 4 outside my job! There were two guys walking with these HUGE garment bags behind them, and as I finally got closer to see, one of them was Christian!! He is sooo little. I wanted to say something but I would either sound like […]

A Misspelled (Af)fair

Dave and I went to the St. Theresa’s Feast last night, which is a local street fair that lasts for 4 nights in our area of the Bronx. There were games, (I kick BUTT in the water gun game), food, drink, deathtraps rides, and major spelling mistakes. Of course, this was photo-documented for your viewing […]

Freedom (?) of Speech

‘Assassination’ Artist Is Questioned and Released This is seriously the stupidest thing ever. I’ve never pushed my political preferences on my blog, and I probably won’t in the future. And this doesn’t have anything to do with who I prefer in the Presidential race, but seriously people, are we all morons?? This storefront is across […]

Fit Floppin’ Away…

Have you all heard of the FitFlop? They are these new shoes that are all the rage because while wearing them, they supposedly work out your feet and legs. When I first saw the ads in the subway I’ll admit I was intrigued, because that’s pretty cool. But then I saw the model they were […]

You know what really grinds my gears?

I hate it when the people at Dunkin Donuts don’t cut the bagel. They cut it in half, spread cream cheese on it, put the two halves together, and then you’re supposed to CUT THE BAGEL IN HALF AGAIN. SO I HAVE TWO HALVES OF A BAGEL. I have a small mouth. I have small […]