Corona, Chelsea and some Meatpacking too

I love that I can name three areas of Manhattan/Queens and people from outside of NYC will have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyway, in these three areas of NY we got through three things on our NYC-to-See list!! When I was at my parent’s house in Queens for my birthday, I made it […]

Summer of Accomplishment Part Deux!! (NYC-to-See)

It’s that time once again. Last year Dave and I compiled a list of things that we wanted to do during the summer in NYC. We actually got a bunch of those things done, and as for walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, well you all know that occurred this past February when we got engaged. […]

A little bit of NYC for you and me

I realized today that I’ve done some pretty cool stuff in the city recently, and haven’t blogged about any of it yet! I want to make sure that I share these things with you guys, so… Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tour – this is the world’s oldest subway tunnel, located in Brooklyn. This guy discovered it […]

Seen at the mall: Fashion DON’T

My cousin and I hit up the mall today. No, we didn't go at 4am, we're not insane. (No offense to those of you who did, but that is NOT my idea of a good time.) But this isn't about the awesome deals that I got, or the huge, ridiculous lines that we saw at […]

Day as a tourist…

I had friends in from Savannah, Georgia today, so Dave and I spent the day running around NYC as tourists, showing them around. (One of them had never been to NYC.) It’s now 11:40pm, I’m exhausted and there’s 20 minutes left in the day to post. With that, I bring you two pictures: This picture […]

Blab Cab

The below all transpired from the time of 5:45am – 6:30am Tuesday morning. Cab company calls my cell phone and says cab is outside. Go outside, cab is not outside as company has claimed. Wait 3 minutes and as I’m about to call, cab comes screaming down my block, missing my house. Stops in the […]