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Powerful Woman Monologue – my story

I’m posting over at Renee‘s blog today, as part of her Powerful Woman Monologues series. If you haven’t read her series, and the voices of the women who have participated, you’re missing out. I wanted to share the fact that I’m participating in the series today because the subject matter isn’t light, and needs to […]

Monetizing or Compromising?

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for about a month.  I didn’t even have anything written, just the title.  Not really sure why – I think it was a combo of not having the right words, and just being downright unmotivated.  I’m all for making money/connections from my blog.  Most of us like […]

The Scariest Moment

I’m pretty sure the experience I’m about to tell you all is the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life.  Minus having to walk down the spiral staircase of death. Wednesday night I went after work to visit my friend Annie, who lives out in Long Island.  I left her apartment around 9:30ish […]

Yes, this is a hurricane post*

*Alternately called “Here I am… Blogging about a Hurricane!” Post title by my friend Pat. It’s weird to be on this end of a hurricane or other natural occurrence for once, instead of just reading about it in another part of the country or world. I’ve never had to prepare for a hurricane before, and […]

When it swallows you whole…

Anxiety. Lately I’ve been feeling very anxious from work, and other work related things (like trying to get off my goddamn insurance!) I used to not be affected by it. (Anxiety, not insurance.) Or at least, if I was affected, I didn’t realize it. But now when something goes wrong at work, or if I […]