February Semi-Fail?

I can’t believe February is over. That means that our wedding is in 20 DAYS!!!!! That’s less than 3 weeks! AHHHHHHHHH!! Well, with the end of February, we also have to tally up my progress in recipe learning and gym going. Gym visits = 1 big fat FAIL. I went once. On February 1. I […]

Ins and Outs, Odds and Ends

There are a bunch of random happenings that I want to write about, so in no particular order, here it goes! – I found out last Friday that I won When Tara Met Blog’s BB Dakota Dress giveaway! YAY! It’s a drop too big on me, the smallest size they had was one size up […]

From Coney Island to Costa Rica!

Tomorrow Dave and I are off to Costa Rica for 8 days! I cannot wait! We’re doing all sorts of awesome stuff like white water rafting, kayakin and ziplining through the jungle tree tops. (I am terrified of 2 out of 3 of these activities, FYI. But I’m excited to do them anyway!) But before […]

Corona, Chelsea and some Meatpacking too

I love that I can name three areas of Manhattan/Queens and people from outside of NYC will have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyway, in these three areas of NY we got through three things on our NYC-to-See list!! When I was at my parent’s house in Queens for my birthday, I made it […]