Baby Bean’s first photo shoot (kind of)

A few weeks ago my friend Rachel asked me if I wanted to do a maternity photo shoot with her in the city.  Some of you may remember Rachel as a blogger.  She doesn’t really blog anymore, but if you weren’t aware she’s an AMAZING photographer – so good that she was able to leave […]

I Wanna Rock! (Rock! of Ages!)

Dave and I saw Rock of Ages on Friday! Even more awesome is that we got the tickets from the Times Square TKTS booth, crossing that item off my Life List!  I will admit that Dave is the one who stood on line for an hour for tickets, but I can still cross it off […]

Street Food Friday: CRISP on Wheels

[img] Welcome to this week’s edition of Street Food Friday!! I usually seek out specific trucks to write about for my turn in this series, but I stumbled upon the CRISP on Wheels truck by accident, and couldn’t be happier that I did. (And I almost wrote CRIPS there… whoops!  Wouldn’t want to go to […]

Yes, this is a hurricane post*

*Alternately called “Here I am… Blogging about a Hurricane!” Post title by my friend Pat. It’s weird to be on this end of a hurricane or other natural occurrence for once, instead of just reading about it in another part of the country or world. I’ve never had to prepare for a hurricane before, and […]

EARTHQUAKE! A playlist

Yes, there was an earthquake yesterday that was felt in New York. I didn’t even know about it until I was walking around outside and saw a ton of people standing outside their offices, talking on their cell phones, looking concerned, etc. Finally some dude had his car parked on the side of the road […]

Street Food Friday: Feed Your Hole! (Yes, Feed Your HOLE.)

[img] You know those really bad car chase scenes where the “evil” car has a scary, fang-filled, Jaws-like mouth painted on the grill?  Imagine that barreling down the streets of Manhattan, but instead of trying to run you off the road and into a ditch, it’s offering you such delicacies as “SYC FUK” sliders, bacon […]