Broadway Weekend

This past weekend Dave and I were lucky enough to get to see not one, but TWO Broadway shows! Broadway Week comes around twice a year (I think) and you can get 2-for-1 tickets to some of the hot Broadway shows. (Not Hamilton obviously, but that’s okay because we got Hamilton tickets for our anniversary […]

A Trip to Dead Horse Bay

(Otherwise known as the day Dave and I voluntarily picked through garbage.) I’ve been wanting to go to Dead Horse Bay for awhile now but the fire to head there was ignited once again when it was featured on the Only in Your State blog. (If you don’t follow this blog for your own state […]

Hot Chocolate Festival & Harry Potter Trivia

On Monday I headed into the city after work for hot chocolate and Harry Potter trivia with Arielle. Every February City Bakery hosts their Hot Chocolate Festival where each day they feature a different kind of hot chocolate. Mmmm. We had no idea what Monday’s flavor would be since the date just said LEAP YEAR […]

Date Night! Ramen, Dumplings & School of Rock

When you’re a parent its hard to get away for a date night. Dave and I have an awesome group of willing babysitters but we just never seem to get away! Luckily for us we snuck away just before the winter storm this weekend and were able to venture to the city for dinner and […]

How to piss off a New Yawker

The other day the Matador Network (no idea what that is) published a list of things that would piss off a New Yorker. Or a New Yawker, if you have one of those horrible accents. You know who you are. As someone who was born and raised in Queens and worked in the city for […]

A nice, low key celebration

Man this last week just FLEW by. With Independence Day and visiting my office with Sadie and just running around during Dave’s first full week off, it’s been a whirlwind. Not to mention Sadie was a major cranky baby last week (I think she was having a growth spurt), which put a damper on my […]