This and That…

This week was pretty quiet – nothing really blog worthy!!!  Actually… I did start a new blog on the side, but I don’t want to reveal it just yet.  🙂  Anywho, here’s a few random things floating through this old mind of mine… – I want a dog.  We cant have one in our current […]

The need to say yes, push myself, and actually follow through…

I find that I’m overzealous when it comes to saying yes to things.  I get asked to go somewhere/do something, and I immediately say yes… only to back out at a later date, or worse, the day of.  I really don’t want to be labeled as a flaky person, but I fear that it’s definitely […]

Holy Blog(h)ers Batman!

(I know that blog(h)er thing doesn’t really work cause there should be 2 g’s in blogger, but whatever, go with it, I’m done trying to be clever.) Wow what a weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect from my first BlogHer, besides a lot of women, a lot of general awesomeness, and like, informative […]


Sorry I didn’t get around to announcing the winner of my Nintendo giveaway this weekend, but Dave and I ran around nonstop, from drinks at The Frying Pan, to the beach, out to dinner with relatives, and then to the Red Bull Air Race yesterday. (Which was pretty freaking cool!) So, anyway, the winner of […]

Nintendo and Netflix and Games! OH MY!

This Saturday, I got to host a party for Nintendo to promote the new streaming Netflix disc on the Wii!! Brand About Town kicks ass once again! Before I recap though, check out the Nintendo tattoo our friend Pat got just for the party… Old School!Hahah just kidding!!! He’s had it for a long time […]

Weeeee! I mean Wiiiiiii!

We’re at a 8 days until the wedding. The drama has been INSANE this week. (And luckily all is resolved and over now.) Wedding stuff has been on the brain 24/7. So when we got a FedEx delivery to the apartment yesterday, and didn’t know who it was from, we assumed it was something wedding […]