Street Food Friday: Feed Your Hole! (Yes, Feed Your HOLE.)

[img] You know those really bad car chase scenes where the “evil” car has a scary, fang-filled, Jaws-like mouth painted on the grill?  Imagine that barreling down the streets of Manhattan, but instead of trying to run you off the road and into a ditch, it’s offering you such delicacies as “SYC FUK” sliders, bacon […]

Beauty Binge!

I’m a simple girl. Half the time when I leave the house I don’t have make up on, or it’s only a little bit to cover up the unsightly blemishes. And most of my makeup comes from cheap places like Duane Reade, CVS, etc. But once in a blue moon I get a hankering for […]

Summer of Accomplishment Part Deux!! (NYC-to-See)

It’s that time once again. Last year Dave and I compiled a list of things that we wanted to do during the summer in NYC. We actually got a bunch of those things done, and as for walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, well you all know that occurred this past February when we got engaged. […]

Gonna Dress You Up in GAP Love! (All Over, All Over!)

Finally, FINALLY yesterday it was my chance to meet with Justine from Brand About Town after enviously reading post after post of bloggers who had already done so. I nervously walked into the SONY Public Space (or whatever it’s called) and looked for a woman with short, brown hair, since that’s how Ashley told me […]

A little bit of NYC for you and me

I realized today that I’ve done some pretty cool stuff in the city recently, and haven’t blogged about any of it yet! I want to make sure that I share these things with you guys, so… Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tour – this is the world’s oldest subway tunnel, located in Brooklyn. This guy discovered it […]

Matisyahu, and how to score free beer

It seems that every post today is a wrap up of 2008, or a long list of resolutions for 2009. Well, I will give you some resolutions, since I actually have some this year, but first I’ll tell you about seeing Matisyahu in Brooklyn last night. Dave got tickets for the Festival of Light tour […]