On this New Years Eve…

I’m going to do nothing. Actually, Dave and I are going to just hang out, have a quiet night in, cook some phenomenal steaks and ring in 2010 from the warmth and comfort of our couch. I’ve figured out that I really don’t care all that much for crazy New Years Eve celebrations. So this […]

Matisyahu, and how to score free beer

It seems that every post today is a wrap up of 2008, or a long list of resolutions for 2009. Well, I will give you some resolutions, since I actually have some this year, but first I’ll tell you about seeing Matisyahu in Brooklyn last night. Dave got tickets for the Festival of Light tour […]

NYE – Take 2!

Ok I’ve got other things to post about, but let me wrap up NYE 2k8 real quick here. After my loverly massage, I went home to wait for Dave to get his lazy butt out of bed cause he wasn’t working, and meet me. Yeah, LAZY. 🙂 I tried to go to Trader Joe’s (aka […]

NYE – Take 1!

I’m making my New Years Eve 2k8 post a two-parter, since I did stuff both during the day and at night, and don’t want to make you suffer through a long ass post. So I’ll make you suffer through two mildly shorter New Years posts!! I had to work on Monday, but fortunately it was […]