Geeky Man Crushes

Let me preface this post by declaring for the blogging world that I LOVE my husband. That being said, I am allowed to have crushes on celebrities right? I know everyone gets a pass (or three passes – depends on how you play the game) for their celebrity crush but outside of wanting to lay […]

Making a list and checking it twice

I’m a big list maker. At work, I have to work with a notebook by my side that I’m constantly updating with new things I have to do, crossing out what’s done and then starting a whole new page when it gets too messy. (OCD YAY!) Until recently I was only doing this at work […]

Goldilocks and the 3(+) Organizers

I’ve written before about trying to stay organized. And since then? I’ve been a massive failure at it.  Yes, I still rely heavily on my Google Calendar.  In fact now, the calendar isn’t just of Dave’s and my schedule, but I also made a calendar just for blogging… which I barely stick to.  (Whoops.) I’ve […]

My last Harry Potter experience (WARNING spoilers!)*

Yes, I saw Harry Potter (or HP7p2 as I’m referring to it) this weekend.  I didn’t go see it at midnight – I’m too old for that shizz – but I did make sure I saw it opening weekend.  That counts, right?  I was surprised the theater wasn’t packed more, but it was a Sunday […]

Extreme Couponing!!!!

Have you watched Extreme Couponing on TLC? Please tell me you have, because this show is my new crack. (Although I’m not sure I had old crack… maybe Toddlers and Tiaras?) Any time it’s on, even a repeat, I get sucked in. I can’t help but love this show because my grandmother was ALL about […]