Organizing My Life – My Blog Notebook & Accessories

Last month I shared how I keep myself organized with my paper planner, and now it’s onto how I keep myself organized (or at least am attempting to) with my blog notebook! Some may think its weird to keep blog ideas on paper, since the blog is digital and all, but in my 10+ years […]

Organizing My Life – My Paper Planner & Accessories

I’m a person that needs to write it down on paper, otherwise it doesn’t get done. Seriously sometimes at home if I’m overwhelmed I write myself a to-do list of the simplest tasks to keep me going. Before we left for vacation I literally wrote down “shower” as one of my tasks the day before […]

Geeky Man Crushes

Let me preface this post by declaring for the blogging world that I LOVE my husband. That being said, I am allowed to have crushes on celebrities right? I know everyone gets a pass (or three passes – depends on how you play the game) for their celebrity crush but outside of wanting to lay […]

Making a list and checking it twice

I’m a big list maker. At work, I have to work with a notebook by my side that I’m constantly updating with new things I have to do, crossing out what’s done and then starting a whole new page when it gets too messy. (OCD YAY!) Until recently I was only doing this at work […]

Goldilocks and the 3(+) Organizers

I’ve written before about trying to stay organized. And since then? I’ve been a massive failure at it.  Yes, I still rely heavily on my Google Calendar.  In fact now, the calendar isn’t just of Dave’s and my schedule, but I also made a calendar just for blogging… which I barely stick to.  (Whoops.) I’ve […]

My last Harry Potter experience (WARNING spoilers!)*

Yes, I saw Harry Potter (or HP7p2 as I’m referring to it) this weekend.  I didn’t go see it at midnight – I’m too old for that shizz – but I did make sure I saw it opening weekend.  That counts, right?  I was surprised the theater wasn’t packed more, but it was a Sunday […]