Get YOUR scarf on!!

Who doesn’t like scarves? Personally, scarves are my SAVIOR on a cold day. I feel 10 times warmer when my neck is covered, and they can add some extra pop to your jacket! (God I sound like a commercial!)This is why I’m super excited about the Scarf Swap that Sarah Marie P is hosting over […]

Day as a tourist…

I had friends in from Savannah, Georgia today, so Dave and I spent the day running around NYC as tourists, showing them around. (One of them had never been to NYC.) It’s now 11:40pm, I’m exhausted and there’s 20 minutes left in the day to post. With that, I bring you two pictures: This picture […]

Israel – the Land of Milk, Honey, and Lost Luggage

When I saw that this month’s Blog Carnival was about travel, I got really excited, because, well, I never really posted about my trip to Israel. Only yesterday I uploaded all the pictures (and there are a lot) to Flickr. But then I had to think – what part of my trip did I want […]

America’s Next Top Suckfest

I was in the process of writing this whole, long winded post about America’s Next Top Model and how this season’s winner SUCKS, and then go into short recaps of each season since they seem to be getting suckier with each season. But then I realized that it was kinda boring and was going to […]

Before you leave the States

Stacy here.That’s right. So if you’re looking for Lacey…she’s not here, suck-a stuck with me. Although I think you should take a gander at her post, she’s posting on my blog: Classy, not TrashyHehe, Lacey, Stacy…think that was done on purpose? Heheheee {ahem} moving on. It’s for the BiggerBlogSwap, it’s bigger than us, we had […]

Blog Secret… what’s your secret?

Objective Write a blog post about something secret. Publish it anonymously on someone else’s blog.I’m taking part in Blog Secret, where people have anonymously submitted their secrets to be posted on someone else’s blog. The secret that I submitted will be featured on someone else’s blog, and below please find the submission that found its […]