Ending on a Yummy note

Woo hoo it’s November 30!! I was surprised at how easy NaBloPoMo was in the first half of the month, it seemed like I had so much to write about! After that it was a streeeeetch, but I made it, with only one or two craptastic fill-in posts. So what am I giving you on […]

Seen at the mall: Fashion DON’T

My cousin and I hit up the mall today. No, we didn't go at 4am, we're not insane. (No offense to those of you who did, but that is NOT my idea of a good time.) But this isn't about the awesome deals that I got, or the huge, ridiculous lines that we saw at […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!Today Dave and I are off to my parents house to celebrate with my grandpa, and some other relatives and friends. Last night was spent baking Cranberry Biscotti for a Post-Thanksgiving party that we’re going to on Saturday, and today before we leave I have to put together my apple crisp for my parents […]

More proof that I am bad Jew

Like you needed more proof??? And obviously the best place for our stockings is hanging off of our bar. Instead of cookies, Santa will have a cornucopia of booze. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Hold on to your aprons!!

As you should know by now from reading this blog, I love to bake. So when a special occasion or holiday rolls around, I go into overdrive looking up new recipes to try. Cause while I like making old favorites over and over again, there’s nothing like owning a new recipe. (And I mean own […]

They named their kid after a gremlin??

That was Dave’s reaction after I told him that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz named their kid Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Now I can’t find the reference to a gremlin named Mowgli or Mogli (maybe in the Gremlins movie? Someone fill me in), but I did remember that Mowgli was the Jungle Book main charater’s name. […]