Hamster 911!

I received a voicemail at work last week from my mom, saying to give her a call back, she needed to tell me something. Nothing important, but just call her when I could. (She knows if she would have left an ambiguous message like that and not mentioned that it wasn’t important, I would have […]

The (overprotective) men in our lives

The other morning I was listening to Z100 and they were talking about protective parents. More specifically, protective fathers that threatened the lives of their daughter’s dates/boyfriends. Listeners were calling in with stories of fathers polishing shot guns while chatting with the boys, hinting at ties to the Mafia, even brothers who beat up anyone […]

Now you Know my Nose

Since my tweets and facebook update this past Sunday that I pierced my nose, you people, (Yes, YOU people) have been clamoring to see it. I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it, and I keep thinking that it’s way bigger than it really is. (The piercing, not my nose. Jerks.) […]

From LA to AZ

I feel like I blinked and then realized it’s been a week since I last blogged. Wow. This week was just crazy with being in LA for work, and then flying down to Arizona to see family. Unfortunately my uncle’s mom passed away right when I got down there, but travel allowed for me to […]

I’m jealous… of the hamster!

Some of you may have read my guest post awhile ago about the hamster that came back from the dead. And that a new edition has been added to my family, in the form of a little black and white hamster, named Denzel Crowe. (Yes, after Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe… it’s my mom’s hamster, […]

Hamster of the Dead!!!

I’m hanging out over at Who’s Your Dachshund? today, telling the tale of my (mom’s) hamster that died and came back to life. (No lie.) Go check it out!! Or Butterball will come and get you!