One Sentence Story

When I was 5, my mom would spy on me, laughing uncontrollably, as I strapped on my Fisher Price adjustable skates, and roller skated around my room to Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract”. + *This is for the 20 Something Bloggers 6th Blog Carnival. You can still submit yours until August 31!

I vote 4 day work weeks for all!

Bowl of freshly popped popcorn – check Laptop with a full blog reader – check New book from the shit ton I ordered on Amazon – check Clarissa Explains it All – Season 1 on DVD – oh check and mother effin check. All the perfect ingredients to make up a great Monday night. The […]

This needs no words…

Ok fine, some words – NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!! They performed at The Today Show this morning, and I found the clip on HILARIOUS. I loved when they did their little patented NKOTB side to side dance. Oh NKOTB… how I’ve missed thee… Funny story about my love for all things New Kids […]

Soundtracks, Girl Crushes and Awesome Malibu Bay Breezes

I received a LOT of questions to answer from my (loyal) readers, and thanks so much! It’s so cool when people actually respond to something like that, and even cooler that some new people popped out of the woodwork. I’m going to answer a few questions at a time, so I don’t overload you guys […]

The Right Stuff

On the E train home today, two dudes walked from one train car onto mine and proceeded to do the inevitable. “Ladies and Gentlemen… if we can have your attention please!” I don’t like preachy people on trains. I actually don’t like preachy people anywhere, but that’s a different story. But oh no, they weren’t […]

Defying Gravity!

Forgot to mention that Dave and I saw Wicked last night on Broadway. You know that person who is constantly coughing and sniffling during the show, and you keep glaring at them and all you want to do is walk over and punch them in the mouth? I was that person. Anyone reading this that […]