When I was pregnant with Sadie I would do bi-weekly bump updates. And when she was a baby I would do monthly updates. And then she turned one and I forgot I had a kid. Just kidding!! I just didn’t have the patience or time for the updates anymore! Womp. I did take a moment […]

Preserving Sadie Memories

Well it’s nice seeing some people still want to read this drivel! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This blog has served as sort of a half-assed baby journal… it’s a nice place to come back and read about Sadie back when I was doing monthly updates. Definitely not something I’d keep up now, but at least I can jot […]

Remembering the small stuff (2)

In trying to keep track of the little things that make up my 21-month-old daughter (ACKKK), another post is necessary because guys, since the last one I did, she’s grown so much! – Now when Sadie wants something badly she adds “too” onto it. “I want juice too!” “I want cheese too!” So on and […]

Baby radar and our laundry helper

Little kids, more specifically crawling babies in my case, have a built in radar. Were you not aware of this? Parents are aware, trust me. It’s set off by a high pitched frequency that only babies can hear, alerting them to when one of the following occurs, when they are no where near the spot […]

TLC Book Tours: Thirty Days with My Father (and a giveaway!)

I’m a sucker for a good memoir. Call it the voyeur in me, but I love reading about the lives of others, famous, not famous, happy or sad, doesn’t matter. So when I was given the opportunity to participate in another TLC Book Tour, this time for Christal Presley’s memoir about her relationship with her […]

Thinking Back

Recently I’ve been reminiscing about little details from when Dave and I first met, and the beginning of our relationship. It’s hard to believe that come December 10, we’ll have been together for 6 years. Before this relationship, my longest was a year and a half, and it was long distance! When Dave first stalked […]