A Funky Start to 2017

Oh, January. You’ve been a beast. I’ve been in such a funk recently and I’m sure part of it is due to my sugar levels dropping from Whole30, but there has just been so much crap and what seems like bad luck in our lives the past few weeks. Since January 1: I was really […]

Hanging up my running shoes

I had grand plans you guys. As you know from previous posts I was training for a half marathon. And I was so excited. It was going to be epic and it had tiaras, tutus, hot shirtless men – how much better could a first half marathon get? Well here’s the thing. Shit happens. Life […]

Monetizing or Compromising?

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for about a month.  I didn’t even have anything written, just the title.  Not really sure why – I think it was a combo of not having the right words, and just being downright unmotivated.  I’m all for making money/connections from my blog.  Most of us like […]

4 years old…

{img} Yes, this old blog here is four years old. My blogoversary was actually September 13, but since work has been sucking the life force out of me, I plum forgot until today while talking to Jess about my current lack of blogging. Whoops. I’ve seriously been out of the loop. I haven’t blogged, haven’t […]


I am lame. No really, it’s true.  I love nothing more than spending time at home, watching TV with my laptop next to me, surfing the web with Dave doing the same in his recliner.  (I was going to say “with my laptop next to me, blogging”, but we know that’s a blatant lie, since […]

Ring A Ding Ding Dong

It’s come time for me to purchase an actual alarm clock. Yes, I am one of those people who use their cell phone as their alarm. I’ve been doing it for YEARS, probably since after I moved home from college, so we’re looking at around 5+ years now (god that makes me feel old!) I […]