Menu Monday 7.9.12

Now that my birthday celebration week is over, I’m actually looking forward to cooking up some meals this week – I don’t think I cooked anything at all last week! Which I guess isn’t a bad thing, considering how hot it was. We’re cooking: Orzo with Parmesan and Basil – pinned this. Cant wait to […]

Menu Tuesday 6.26.12

Yes that’s right, Menu Monday is a day late this week to make room for my 20SB Blog Carnival post. Make sure you keep checking out the 20SB blog for all the awesome giveaways we have going on this week in celebration of our 5th birthday! Anywho, here’s what’s on our menu for this week! […]

Menu Monday 6.11.12

Our kitchen has finally been fully unpacked and made into working order, and it’s high time we started menu planning again, and not eating leftovers/takeout every day. Yayy Menu Monday! This was actually part of last week’s half-assed menu, but I just made it tonight, so I’m including Quinoa Edamame Salad with Sesame-Ginger Dressing in […]

Menu Monday 4.16.12 – to the freezer!

This week is kind of a wash when it comes to meal planning. Dave has a show at school on Thursday so he’ll be working late pretty much every night until then, and we (fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed) will be (hopefully!!!) closing on our house on Friday, so it’s packing all day, every […]

Menu Monday 4.9.12

Now that all the holiday madness has passes (I’m in a Passover and Easter food coma), we need to get cookin’! Also need to get freezer meal-ing! I’ve been going at this little by little to stockpile for when the little lady makes her debut and we’re frazzled cross-eyed new parents, but I figure I […]

Menu Monday 3.26.12

Oh yay I’m actually going to cook something this week!! Meal Planning FAIL.  Other than seeing the Hunger Games with people from my office Tuesday night – because I got an email Friday saying that my company was paying for tickets – WAHOO – we have nothing planned besides packing for our eventual move. We […]