I don’t like resolutions. To me, resolutions imply that there’s something wrong with you that needs fixing or improving. And well yeah… there’s always things that I want to improve upon and better about myself, but I don’t like the metric at the end of the year telling you if you kept your resolution or […]

Hanging up my running shoes

I had grand plans you guys. As you know from previous posts I was training for a half marathon. And I was so excited. It was going to be epic and it had tiaras, tutus, hot shirtless men – how much better could a first half marathon get? Well here’s the thing. Shit happens. Life […]

The End of an Era

After over 10 years of being together, I have said goodbye to my tongue ring. A recent visit to the dentist led me into making this decision. Actually, my old dentist had been telling me for years to either get a shorter tongue stud or a plastic one, so I wouldn’t chip a tooth. This […]

20SB Blogging Prompt: Loving ME

I’ve been feeling a little down about myself lately. Part of this is solely because I know I’m not taking care of myself like I should be. I am in desperate need of a manicure, (and in need of a shave, blech), but it seems to come around every so often, this feeling I can’t […]

Introducing: Once Upon a Stein!

I’ve been living a bit of a double life for a couple of months now – I have another blog! Once Upon a Stein is a blog all about… beer! My love of all things beer related. I actually had this blog at blogspot over a year ago and couldn’t keep it up. And then […]

Imperfectly Me! Part 2

I was looking through my archives, mainly to find this image, when I came across this post I wrote about the imperfect habits that make me, well, me.   And hell, I’m still imperfect.  And I love it.  Because they’re all part of what makes me, me.  (And I’m awesome.)  So I figured it was […]