A nice, relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day! We didn’t make any concrete plans for the weekend which was great, but we wound up doing a lot. It was still nice and relaxing though. On Friday I got out of work a little early, headed to a Pure Barre class and then met Dave and Sadie at the movies. Our […]

Discovering White Post Farms

Last weekend we were invited to the birthday party of my friend’s son. I’ve known Ilan since we were like, 10? 11? We went to summer camp together and lived about five minutes away from each other. (And “dated” when we were 13 haha.) Now we both live out on Long Island and are married […]

Berry Picking at Lewin Farms

I’ve gone apple picking dozens of times. I’ve gone pumpkin picking dozens of times. But what I’ve never done (at least not in my cognizant memories) is gone berry picking. I’ve always wanted to and finally we made the trip out east to pick some delicious berries! I used this website to decided where to […]

Dinner, Drinks & a Brunch Date!

Man it’s been awhile since Dave and I have been on a proper date. I’m talking so long that I had to do a search within my posts to see when the last one was. Sheesh. (And the answer is April. APRIL!) My parents had offered to take Sadie for the night so Dave and I […]

Our First Geocaching Adventure!

For Mother’s Day this year all I wanted was a low key day. I am perfectly content just sitting around, lazing about. And we did a lot of that. (And also went to my FAVORITE breakfast/brunch spot. Mmmmm so good.) BUT it was also pretty nice out and we didn’t want to completely waste the […]

Anniversary Date – A Trip to Greenport, LI

Dave and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday, March 20th. (Awwww.) Honestly at this point we’re so not into the whole celebration thing for Valentine’s Day, not really for Anniversaries… maybe we’re just not romantic? DO WE NOT LOVE EACH OTHER? AHHH! Dave threw out the idea of heading out to Greenport for […]