Our First Geocaching Adventure!

For Mother’s Day this year all I wanted was a low key day. I am perfectly content just sitting around, lazing about. And we did a lot of that. (And also went to my FAVORITE breakfast/brunch spot. Mmmmm so good.) BUT it was also pretty nice out and we didn’t want to completely waste the […]

Crossing off Life List items – in Seattle!

I’ve been to Seattle three times now and have yet to write about it! Which is annoying because outside of the first trip where I did Nintendo stuff the whole time so I didn’t really see the city, I’ve done a bunch of explroring and I’m seriously in love with the city. Yes, it was […]

I Wanna Rock! (Rock! of Ages!)

Dave and I saw Rock of Ages on Friday! Even more awesome is that we got the tickets from the Times Square TKTS booth, crossing that item off my Life List!  I will admit that Dave is the one who stood on line for an hour for tickets, but I can still cross it off […]

Everyone, meet Betty!

I know my birthday was a month ago, but I never posted about my present from Dave!  I had wanted this gift pretty much since my last birthday.  What is it, you might ask?  It’s a new… BIKE!!! (I felt like the announcer guy from the Price is Right when he would announce what the […]

Puerto Plata – and then there as that time I HUGGED A DOLPHIN!!!

Ocean World is an aquatic theme park situated at the end of our resort in Puerto Plata – jutting out at the very last tip of land that you could spot from our little private beach. When we were choosing our excursions, the park stood out because of it’s close location, it seemed cute, and […]

Resolutions, Lacey Bean style

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We’ve been trending towards low key New Years Eve celebrations lately, and Friday night was no exception. Dinner at our local restaurant with a group of our friends, and then everyone headed back to our house to bring in 2011. There was way too much dessert and snacky food (and I have […]