Read it in… September

Getting back on track with books! I figured out I was reading a lot of heavy material which was taking me longer to get through, hence the smaller amount of books I was getting through in a month. So now I try to mix it up with some lighter reads in between to change things […]

I Read it In… February

I am honestly surprised that I read as many books as I did this month. Some of these books were long as f*ck and I guess I just wasn’t super into others so I didn’t pick them up as often as I would a book that I’m invested in. I think the problem with getting books […]


I went a little Kindle e-book crazy today my friends.  One of my coupon blogs posted about’s BIG DEAL e-book sale… 900 titles for .99 to 3.99!!  So I did what any normal, self controlled reader would do… I purchased 5 books within 15 minutes.  (I’m sure I would have bought more, but I […]


I want to blog, I really do.  I just don’t have time!!!!!  Work is nuts.  And then I’m too tired to even think about writing when I get home.  Wah wahhhh.  And sorry there was no Menu Monday this week, we just didn’t have anything new on our menu!  So many leftovers/recipes that we didn’t […]