Christmas Stocking Ideas for the Family

Christmas stockings are a big deal in our house. Why? BECAUSE I MADE THEM A BIG DEAL. What started out as candy, chocolate, and some random trinkets became a THING and now I got to the point where I made Dave a Pinterest board of stocking ideas for me because he needs help. (LOVE YOU […]

Happy Holidays!!!!

(Also, was able to fix my blog on my own! Yay!!)

Chrismaka Craftiness!!

Deep, deep down I want to be a crafty person. Sometimes it works out, in the form of T-shirt blankets, beer coaster collages, Halloween decorations, etc. But I definitely don’t have the time or patience to be crafty as much as I’d like.  And honestly, the easier – the better!!  Well, the other day I […]


When I moved from my town in Queens to the Boogie Down Bronx, I wasn’t aware of how much people liked to decorate for the holidays here. Even Halloween is a huge holiday. And as I’ve learned, decorating in the Bronx means one thing… inflatable lawn decorations. (Shudder.) Gretchen went into detail about the epidemic […]

Post Holiday Meh!

Where did my time off go? It’s unbelieveable that I’m back at work already, but at least it’s only a 2 day work week for me, and then I have a marvelous 5 days off. 🙂 After all the Christmas festivities, Dave and I got a little bit of rest before it was time for […]