How to piss off a New Yawker

The other day the Matador Network (no idea what that is) published a list of things that would piss off a New Yorker. Or a New Yawker, if you have one of those horrible accents. You know who you are. As someone who was born and raised in Queens and worked in the city for […]


“Overwhelmed” is a word I’d use to describe how I’ve felt recently about my digital life recently. There are more times than not when I’d look at my closed laptop, and immediately start to feel anxious about all the unread blogs, emails, updates and other things I’d been letting pile up. It was hitting the […]

#20SBSummit – So. Much. AWESOME.

Picture via @jenniferalaine‘s TwitPic The inaugural 20 Something Bloggers Summit was this weekend.  I’m sure those of you who follow 20SB on Twitter and other members who attended were well aware, because we blew Twitter up each and every second we were there.  (I apologize. Kind of.)  I mean, we were a trending topic in […]


The internetz have been buzzing these last few days with two of the best quitting your job stories that we’ve seen in awhile.  First was the Jet Blue flight attendant, who after being hit with a customer’s luggage, and got fed up after she didn’t apologize, yelled at her over the intercom, chugged a beer, […]


This morning was spent on the phone with both EBay and PayPal, getting my accounts straightened up after someone apparently hacked into them. How did I know? I received an email from PayPal letting me know that I had received payment. Payment for what? When I read the email, it read to the tune of […]