Taking the Bite Out of Summer

I received a free sample of SmartStuff natural insect repellent and this post is Powered by BrandBacker. All opinions are my own. I know technically summer is over but as long as the weather is warm enough Dave and Sadie are outside. I say, Dave and Sadie, because whenever I go outside I get attacked by mosquitoes so […]

Turning 33…

I turned 33 on Saturday. It’s been years since I’ve gone all out with a party at a bar, drinking myself silly until all hours of the evening… or morning. This year I decided to have a relaxing weekend visiting my sister-in-law and family in Pennsylvania. We had grand plans for tubing down the Delaware […]

Not Being the Outdoorsy Parent

“I wanna go outside!” “Let’s play in the snow!” “Can we jump in muddy puddles?” These are all regular statements/demands in our house made by the littlest member of the family. And 9 times out of 10 the parent that goes with her and engages in outdoor escapades is Dave. I’m ok with that. For real. […]