Imperfectly Me! Part 2

I was looking through my archives, mainly to find this image, when I came across this post I wrote about the imperfect habits that make me, well, me.   And hell, I’m still imperfect.  And I love it.  Because they’re all part of what makes me, me.  (And I’m awesome.)  So I figured it was […]

Imperfectly Me!

I’m totally stealing this from Katie, because I think it’s refreshing that she was so honest about her imperfections, and I always think about the weird stuff that makes me, Me. So here goes, me sharing my imperfections with you: 1. I leave clothes everywhere. My PJs in the bathroom from getting ready in the […]

Reason 547 why I shouldn’t be allowed in team sports

Arielle knows that I have a loud mouth when it comes to sports. When she was in NY, she was right there with me, cursing and yelling at the ref, cheering our team on in indoor soccer/volleyball/kickball/etc. Now that she’s in Boston, it’s usually just me, yelling like a fool about some injustice caused. But […]