A question I get a lot since I started 21 Day Fix is, “Why Beachbody?” Or I’ll often get statements that are almost like sharp little barbs, attacking me with, “It’s all a gimmick!”, “Why can’t you just watch what you eat/Go to the gym?”, or my favorite “Are you nuts? You don’t need to […]

Celebrating the accomplishments – I F*CKING DID IT!!!

The weekend before Thanksgiving was my test. The final hurdle of my Couch to 5k journey. The weekend where I ran my first official 5k race. And then ran my second 5k race the very next day. That’s right, I went two-for-two. I signed up for the Massapequa Park Turkey Trot first, since it was pretty […]

Beause I need to do SOMETHING

As I alluded to in my Five on a Friday post, I’ve taken up running. Let’s get started on the FAQs, shall we? What, are you trying to lose weight or something? You’re so skinny!” This is probably the most annoying thing I hear whenever I’m working out (which is… almost never. But still.) I actually […]