Today I…

… brought lunch to work for the 2nd time this week. Let’s see if we can manage all 5 days! … wanted to kill my boss (not my immediate boss, but the higher up) … went to a hip hop dance class with my cousin. (Wasn’t as much fun without you Arielle!) … got “served” […]

Me vs the State of New Jersey

I have never hated the state of New Jersey more than I did yesterday. I was supposed to be heading to Maris’ apartment for some awesome hanging out and cookie decorating for charity. Instead, I got lost in New Jersey for about an hour, and wound up sobbing on the phone to Dave because I […]

Breathe…. Just Breathe…

So when the hell did October happen? No seriously my birthday was last week right? (It’s in July.) Work is still nuts, and I am counting down until October 15th, because that’s our last event for a few weeks. We had 6 events in 7 weeks, with 2 people running them – me and my […]

Whoever created tissues with lotion is my new best friend.

4 events in 4 weeks + a head cold = NOT A GREAT THING FOR LACEY RIGHT NOW. I’m pretty sure that I made myself sick with all the stress that I’ve been going through in the past few weeks. Good times, good times. I’m still going to try and run tomorrow/Friday night, because I […]

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin! (Turnin!)

Thursday, July 3, approximately 10:21pm. “Hi Mom. Yeah we’re here in DC. Hit a bunch of traffic though. Ok, I’ll call you Sunday when we’re home. Love you too.” LIE. At this point of our journey to the DC area, Dave and I were on the side of the highway, trying to figure out why […]


And I’m back to the bloggy world. ๐Ÿ™‚ I promise to try and post something later, if I can come up with something that’s not depressing. The funeral was very nice, and very sad as expected. Luckily Dave was able to take off from work and be there with me. The only upside of funerals? […]