I have a bacon hangover

As per my title, I can’t tell if my lethargic nature today is due to the large amounts of Sam Adams consumed during Superbowl yesterday, or due to the large amounts of bacon consumed during Superbowl yesterday. Oh yes. Bacon. In the nature of Alexa’s Bacon & Wine night, we decided to have everyone bring […]

Busy, busy, busy!!!

I’ve done nothing but bum around in my apartment for the last week weekends. I’m so busy during the week that I want to do nothing more than sit on my couch, read blogs, and catch up on my DVR. This in turn means that I have no good weekend updates. What did I do? […]

13 bottle of wine on the wall, 13 bottles of wine!

So yesterday was the day. The day that we got up early, bundled up, got some Dunkin Donuts, and headed off with our friends Chris and Lisa to the “Wreath Fineries at 10 Wineries” wine tour. We spent the day driving around, sampling many, many, MANY different wines, and just enjoying the decent weather and […]

Just call me "Pukey Boots"

I’ve kind of prided myself of never having thrown up on myself after drinking too heavily. In the bathroom sure, and even outside. But never on myself. Unfortunately my record is now marred after last night. We went out for Arielle‘s 25th birthday extravaganza, starting the night at The Sunburnt Cow, where they were having […]

72 Dollars in Blue Moons

Ok well it wound up being about 40 something dollars in Blue Moons, but that was Dave’s first consensus when looking at our bar tab. Hanging out last night with some awesome NYC bloggers was, well, awesome!! I got to meet Maris from The World of Mar, and Ashley D., from Turquoise Ribbons, and I […]

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! (NYC bloggers!)

So here are some details for the blogger get together this Friday: When? Friday, 9/12. Time? Let’s say starting at 6:30ish. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Happy Hour goodness.Where? Bleecker Bar. 56 Bleecker St, between Lafayette and Crosby. Who? Me. And some awesome bloggers. And Dave. So yeah, you should come out and hang […]