Crossing off Life List items – in Seattle!

I’ve been to Seattle three times now and have yet to write about it! Which is annoying because outside of the first trip where I did Nintendo stuff the whole time so I didn’t really see the city, I’ve done a bunch of explroring and I’m seriously in love with the city. Yes, it was […]

Dear Vodka, it’s me, Lacey…

Dear Firefly Vodka, We’ve had a great relationship together. Ever since I learned of your existence, I’ve heard your siren song loud and clear each time I pass through the hallowed halls of our local liquor store.  I am never able to leave the store without plucking you from your place of honor on the […]

You know you had a good weekend…

…when there is bull riding involved. This weekend was Arielle‘s birthday, and she celebrated with our friend Julie at Mason Dixon. Besides sucking down sweet tea vodka like my life depended on it, I dominated the bull. Dave tried to dominate as wellGuys, I lasted for SO LONG. It was hilarious, and Nicole doesn’t believe […]

Corona, Chelsea and some Meatpacking too

I love that I can name three areas of Manhattan/Queens and people from outside of NYC will have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyway, in these three areas of NY we got through three things on our NYC-to-See list!! When I was at my parent’s house in Queens for my birthday, I made it […]

Judgy Wudgy Was a Bear…

Dave and I went to a wedding on Saturday, the first one since we’ve been engaged. It was the wedding of a close friend of Dave’s, and we all had an awesome time. And I wasn’t hungover on Sunday, so that was a WIN for me. (Mainly due to Dave being smart and taking away […]

Tiaras, Beads, See-through Dresses & Bare Asses

Sounds like an awesome Mardi Gras party, right? (Or a really bad porno. What?) But oh no, we’re talking about the Lacey & Dave Engagement Party Extravaganza!! Holy crap what a night. I knew it was going to be good when I got on the train to meet my girls for dinner, and I noticed […]