I have some weird food habits

I once wrote about my finicky food issues (and was relieved that I wasn’t the only one!) But it doesn’t end there. Oh no! The weirdness continues! In addition to having major dislikes, and stipulations about how my food is plated, I also eat certain things in particular ways… Double Stuf Oreos – First of […]

My Backyard is an Evil Place

When we moved to our house in May, I was super excited about our backyard. We have a ridiculously large yard, with a covered patio, and a huge shady tree and its privacy fenced on all sides. I imagined spending tons of time out there with Sadie, nights spend by our fire pit, tons of […]

Finicky Food Issues

My mom always jokes that I was less picky about food when I was a toddler than I am now.  Sad part is, it’s totally true.  I basically ate anything and everything when I was younger, and now the list of things I won’t eat has grown exponentially: Pork (except bacon) Veal Lamb Mayonnaise (but […]