Morning routines

A lot of people I know live by routine. They have routines so that they don’t forget anything. A routine for how they get up and ready for work/school in the morning. A routine for studying. People create routines for just about anything, whether that’s for memory issues, or just for the daily comfort of […]

I have a bacon hangover

As per my title, I can’t tell if my lethargic nature today is due to the large amounts of Sam Adams consumed during Superbowl yesterday, or due to the large amounts of bacon consumed during Superbowl yesterday. Oh yes. Bacon. In the nature of Alexa’s Bacon & Wine night, we decided to have everyone bring […]

I am the worst sick person ever.

I’m dying. That’s what I’ve been telling Dave every few hours or so. Monday I woke up and knew that my dry throat wasn’t just from our room being too hot. By midday, I was coughing up some lovely things, and by 4:30pm I was home. (And this was after it took me 2 hours […]

My Attitude Takes the Morning Train!

No seriously. I feel like the minute I step into the subway, I become this heinous human being. If someone is too close to me, I sigh or groan audibly so they can definitely hear me. If I need to get by and people aren’t moving, I yell, “Excuse ME!” in a super obnoxious loud […]

It’s a Twister! It’s a Twister!

At least that’s what the sky looks like outside. Dark as hell and the clouds are rushing by a mile a minute. It’s definitely adding to what’s been a crappy morning.. – I’m pretty sure that this horrendous weather caused Dave and I to both wake up late. I do LOVE rushing around like a […]

Blab Cab

The below all transpired from the time of 5:45am – 6:30am Tuesday morning. Cab company calls my cell phone and says cab is outside. Go outside, cab is not outside as company has claimed. Wait 3 minutes and as I’m about to call, cab comes screaming down my block, missing my house. Stops in the […]