"I Bet You Think This Song is About You!"

When Dave and I were planning the wedding, we decided early on that our friends would play our Precessional as we walked down the aisle. (And they did and it was awesome… and yes I will share this with you soon.) At one point, Dave had mentioned that he might surprise me with something, but […]

I’m married!! (Eeeek!)

That’s so weird to say!! Dave and I have also decided that being married feels really no different than before. Except for the pretty rings on our fingers. I guess since we’ve been living together for so long, there’s really not much that could be different! I have to get used to being someone’s wife […]


Wow. I’m sure all you married ladies remember the waiting and waiting and WAITING for the day to come, and then all of a sudden BAM! It’s here! And holy crap I’ll be Mrs. Lacey [new last name here] in less than a week! AHHH!! Luckily, after last week’s dramafest, we’re not running around too […]

Showers of Happiness! (15 days to go!)

Why is “Showers of Happiness” like, the catch phrase of bridal showers? I don’t know why, it just strikes me as weird. Anywho, my bridal shower was on Feb 20th, and it was awesome! And as my friend Anita said, my shower showed her that they don’t have to be cheesy! It was hosted by […]

One Year Ago…

Dave proposed to me!! I can’t believe a year has gone by already. And I can’t believe our wedding is NEXT MONTH! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN???? It’s probably a good thing you can’t really see my face in these pictures… ’cause I was CRYING MY FACE OFF!! So happy Engagement-versary Dave. I love you and […]

"Have you been eating a lot, Lacey?"

This post could otherwise be titled “That time I got called fat in the bridal store”. I went for my dress fitting on Friday… oh I bet you see where this is going already. I show up with my mom, shoes and wedding day undies in tow. (They’re my something blue.) Now the store I […]