Pain in the Ass

I think I pulled a muscle in my left butt cheek. I’ll give you all a moment to let that sink in. It’s either from shoveling snow, or pushing my friend Adam’s car out of the snow. It hurts to sit. It hurts to walk. It hurts to cough. (Really – I don’t know how […]

Hamster 911!

I received a voicemail at work last week from my mom, saying to give her a call back, she needed to tell me something. Nothing important, but just call her when I could. (She knows if she would have left an ambiguous message like that and not mentioned that it wasn’t important, I would have […]


The internetz have been buzzing these last few days with two of the best quitting your job stories that we’ve seen in awhile.  First was the Jet Blue flight attendant, who after being hit with a customer’s luggage, and got fed up after she didn’t apologize, yelled at her over the intercom, chugged a beer, […]

Holy Blog(h)ers Batman!

(I know that blog(h)er thing doesn’t really work cause there should be 2 g’s in blogger, but whatever, go with it, I’m done trying to be clever.) Wow what a weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect from my first BlogHer, besides a lot of women, a lot of general awesomeness, and like, informative […]

GaGa, ooh la la – Want Your Newsies Romance?

This is why Arielle has been one of my best friends since kindergarten. She shared this gem with me today and I’ve giggled every time I’ve watched it. I heart Newsies. And Gaga. And I’m gonna watch this on repeat for the next few days. Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah!!/Seize the Day!

What happens at #BiSC, stays at #BiSC

Or not, cause I’m blogging about it. Details, details. Oh bloggers. Lots and lots of bloggers. 69 to be exact. This weekend was AMAZING. From the minute I met Rachel at the airport at way too early o’clock on Friday, through every minute of every day AMAZING. PARADISE. Can I go back now??I really cant […]