What the Google?

I love checking out what people Google to get to my blog. I can’t be the only blogger that does this, right? RIGHT? Well I compiled some of my favorites from the last few weeks for your enjoyment: “quit facebook right thing to do” – It’s right, it’s wrong, WHO CARES! Stop talking about it […]

A Facial Experience: Finger Condoms, Turkeys and Leatherface.

I got a facial the other day.  I’ve only had a few facials in my life, and most of them have been done at the same spa in my hometown.  But there was a Living Social deal I couldn’t pass up, for a 30 minute “refreshing facial” for some ridiculously cheap price.  In hindsight, I […]

TWSS – Taco Edition

Saturday was spent at a drunken taco themed pool party, which can be summed up in the below quote: “Hold on, Dave is stuffing meat into my taco” Yeah. 😉

Just another Friday in the office…

No, I’m not going to quote that stupid Friday song (I already did it on Twitter hee hee).  I do feel bad for Rebecca Black though – granted the song is awful, but some of the comments she is getting are just extremely evil. Anyway… just another typical Friday in the office here… get coffee, […]

What’s your SN?

The other day, LiLu and I got into an email chain about old screen names. Remember when AIM used to be the biggest thing since sliced bread? And your away message HAD to be clever? If you left the room without an away message up, it was the worst thing ever? Anyway, we started talking […]

Office Fun

This is what happens when you put a few bored coworkers together in an office, during the week between Christmas and New Years, and someone (not me, NEVER me) goes out and buys 2 boxes of Cling Wrap. Hope they like it when they come back on the 3rd!