Turning 33…

I turned 33 on Saturday. It’s been years since I’ve gone all out with a party at a bar, drinking myself silly until all hours of the evening… or morning. This year I decided to have a relaxing weekend visiting my sister-in-law and family in Pennsylvania. We had grand plans for tubing down the Delaware […]

Our First Geocaching Adventure!

For Mother’s Day this year all I wanted was a low key day. I am perfectly content just sitting around, lazing about. And we did a lot of that. (And also went to my FAVORITE breakfast/brunch spot. Mmmmm so good.) BUT it was also pretty nice out and we didn’t want to completely waste the […]

Beaches, more monkeys and hiking to my death

We’re down to the last two days! Woo!!!! On our final full day in Quepos/Monte Verde, we went to Manuel Antonio National Park. This place is HUGE. First we made the mistake of walking there from the hotel since it was only a kilometer, but it was HOT and my backpack was HEAVY and I […]