Beause I need to do SOMETHING

As I alluded to in my Five on a Friday post, I’ve taken up running. Let’s get started on the FAQs, shall we? What, are you trying to lose weight or something? You’re so skinny!” This is probably the most annoying thing I hear whenever I’m working out (which is… almost never. But still.) I actually […]

Homemade Watermelon Sorbet – Are you ready for this AWESOMENESS?

We had a BBQ with a ton of people over recently, to have everyone come and see the house, meet Sadie and celebrate my birthday. We love hosting outdoor parties, and have learned that if we don’t want to spend a ton of money on feeding everyone, we make it a potluck! That way everyone […]

On Being Healthy(er)

I went to my first bikram yoga class today (hot yoga) and I am in LOVE.  Holy hell do I feel good.  (And now I can cross that off my Life List!!)  When you first walk into the classroom it’s literally like walking into the inner depths of hell.  I think I saw the temp […]