An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…

Or, An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away and Takes Up Entirely Too Much Room in My Fridge. Dave and I went apple picking today at Applewood Orchards, and of course, picked far too many apples. One bag went to our friend Maria, who is going to make Dave a motherload of applesauce. (Which […]

Halloweekend! (I’m so clever!)

Now that you’ve seen the pics of the debauchery Part I, its update time! (The rest of the pics are on my Facebook/MySpace. Wanna be friends? Let me know!) Friday I started getting ready with my friend Allison, who wasn’t going out, but came over to hang out and eat yummy sushi. After the hair […]


I was going to get my nails done today, but alas, the manicure lady is not in on Mondays. So for now, until a real weekend recap, here are some lovely pre-Halloween weekend pictures: Me, the German Beer Girl The Beer Keg (Dave) and his German Beer Girl me, tappin’ the Keg. (We are fools)

Halloween, Hives & Hypochondria

Lets go in order, shall we? Halloween – I decided to change my costume. I liked the Barista Babe costume that I got, but I wasn’t super thrilled about it. And I’m sure most of you ladies are like me, if I’m not super happy/comfortable with an outfit, costume or not, then I’m not really […]

We Have Problems….

As promised, pictures of the madness that is my house decorated for Halloween: In the lower right corner is the aforementioned slab of concrete. Note the lovely spray paint job done by my father. (I personally would have used more creepy looking lettering, but hey, at least he spelled “RIP” right.) The scary mummy/skelton, and […]

Makin My Mark

People amaze me. I went to Michael’s last night to get some spray paint for Halloween. Let’s preface this story by stating that my family still decorates for Halloween, we are that house on the block, and no, I don’t have any younger siblings. So, in getting the spray paint, a manager had to be […]