The Bayou, A Beer Sail, and the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

What a weekend!!  I have a love/hate relationship with weekends that are so jammed packed with stuff – I love them because hello?? Awesomeness!!  But hate because by Sunday night, I don’t feel relaxed and ready for work in the least.  Wah wahhhhh.  FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!!!!!!! Friday started off well – because I took the […]

"I’m So Excited!!! I’m so…. Scared!!!"

Unlike the last two Halloweens, Dave and I really didn’t do anything this year. On Friday my office had its usual crazy party, but I chose to take a “sick day” and sleep in instead. And see one of my Bridesmaids Annie for delicious lunch at Panera. That night Dave had a party, and so […]

Celebrating Fall!

Everyone celebrates Fall in their own way. Scarves, Ugg boots (not yet for me… its not cold enough!), Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Sorry I hate anything pumpkin. Gross.) As for me? I’m celebrating in the following ways: I’m participating in Beantown Prepster’s Spooky Sugar swap! I LOVE Halloween, and when I saw this swap, I knew […]

"I am the Carrot from HELL!!!" – and other Halloween tales

Take 1 drunk friend + a homemade carrot costume, and that’s what he will yell up and down the streets of NYC on Halloween night. Carrot from HellThat was definitely one of the highlights of the night. The bar crawl that we went on wound up being kind of lame, due to poor geographical planning […]

NaBloPoMo peer pressure. :)

I went back and forth for awhile about doing NaBloPoMo again this year, and then saw that a bunch of you were doing it again, or for the first time. So, as you can see it’s now 11:20pm EDT, and this is my post. Yeah, yeah, I decided I’m going for it. But alas, I […]

(Over)eager for Fall!

Maybe it’s the abundance of apples in our apartment, or that the weather has been on the colder side this week. But whatever it is, Dave and I jumped into Fall full force! In our first foray into using up the plethora of apples, I was going to make Rachael Ray’s Creamy Chicken-Apple Chili. Except […]