Doom Doom PA!

Hello friends! This is Arielle, and you may know me as Lacey’s super fabulous bestest friend ever, co-maid of honor, and fellow blogger over at More Than A Mermaid. While Lacey is off doing something lame like vacationing in Costa Rica (WEAK), I am commandeering her blog. Here I go! Back when I lived in […]


Just kidding. Sorry to get you all hot and bothered. This is Arielle speaking, formerly of the blog about whining. You may have read about my minor bloggy snafu in this post, which Lacey was kind of enough to put up on my behalf. I’m writing to let you all know that, now that the […]

And now a word from one of your fellow bloggers…

Some of you who read a certain blog about whining, maybe some things that are good also, may have noticed that the blog has been turned to private for the last week or so. And, because we know you’ve been freaking out, wondering where she’s gone or why her blog has gone private, here is […]

Ain’t no "Cookie Cutter" for me!

Hey! I’m not here today, I’m over at The Spotted Ottoman talking about being labeled as a “cookie cutter bride”. GO NOW! 🙂

Some more cheese with your Whine?

Get the hell over to Good things come to those who whine, where I’m talking about my antisocial behavior on the subway system while Arielle is relaxing on her cruise. (Bitch.) Word of advice? Don’t try and make small talk with me. Check it Out!!

Before you leave the States

Stacy here.That’s right. So if you’re looking for Lacey…she’s not here, suck-a stuck with me. Although I think you should take a gander at her post, she’s posting on my blog: Classy, not TrashyHehe, Lacey, Stacy…think that was done on purpose? Heheheee {ahem} moving on. It’s for the BiggerBlogSwap, it’s bigger than us, we had […]