20SB Blog Swap! (Warning: May include a vomit gif)

Today is the 20SB Blog Swap! Our topic was childhood vacations, and I got to take over Sweeney Says for the day with my tale of a camp raid gone awry. Make sure to check me out there, and check out Nicole’s post, which may or may not involve the word “vommy”, below. 🙂 This […]

Powerful Woman Monologue – my story

I’m posting over at Renee‘s blog today, as part of her Powerful Woman Monologues series. If you haven’t read her series, and the voices of the women who have participated, you’re missing out. I wanted to share the fact that I’m participating in the series today because the subject matter isn’t light, and needs to […]

Shakespeare, the Bachelorette and Blog Swap is Why my Summer Rocks

Today is the 9th Blog Swap for 20 Something Bloggers! I was lucky enough to be paired up with one of the 20SB Summit speakers Sami, who throws some wicked meetups in the Windy City.  Check out his reflections on summer below… and the fact that he started out with a Shakespeare reference, and ended […]

Adventures in Cooking at Home: Blonde Ale Orzo Mac & Cheese

Hi there! The lovely Doniree is taking over my blog today – with an AMAZING, INEXPENSIVE mac and cheese recipe, and not have to order take-out (once again!)  I know I’ll be making this recipe as soon as possible.  You can also check out Doni at Nomadic Foodie, where she’s part of the Street Food […]

Love Story Project!

I’m the featured blogger over at The Love Story Project!! You know you want to read all about how Dave and I met and our relationship, so hop to it!! And you should go submit your own love story!! 🙂

When a LDR isn’t A-OK (repost)

I guest posted over at Girl With the Red Hair yesterday. This was the first time I didn’t have to scramble for a topic to write about – Amber prefaced her request for guest bloggers by stating that she wantd them to talk about their experiences in long distance relationships. I sent in my post, […]