Valentine’s Day Classroom Gift Ideas

First of all, is it just me, or do kids get a little class gift for every holiday now? In Sadie’s school at least they get for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and I’m sure there’s another one I’m forgetting. Anyway. I always try to give something cute vs straight up candy all the time because […]

A Mother’s Day Wishlist

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! AHHH! Sadly I won’t be home on Mother’s Day. 🙁 I will be in Atlanta prepping for my work event and will miss it. It’s not like we do anything really major for Mother’s Day but I will miss being with Dave and Sadie and seeing our moms. BUT the […]

Girl Mom Box Swap Reveal!

I have to say, the Girl Mom Box Swap (#GirlMomBoxSwap17) has probably been one of my favorite swaps to have been a part of! Last year the Boy Mom Swap was floating around the blog world and I was sad to be left out! So I was SUPER excited for this one! (And thrilled to […]

The Christmas Eve Box – A Christmas Tradition

Since Sadie was little I started a tradition where on Christmas Eve she gets to open one present. Not just any present that she can pick, since those aren’t under the tree yet, but a present that has what she’s come to expect as Christmas Eve goodies – new Christmas pajamas and a new Christmas/Hanukkah book. […]

Christmas Stocking Ideas for the Family

Christmas stockings are a big deal in our house. Why? BECAUSE I MADE THEM A BIG DEAL. What started out as candy, chocolate, and some random trinkets became a THING and now I got to the point where I made Dave a Pinterest board of stocking ideas for me because he needs help. (LOVE YOU […]

Summer Essentials

Long time readers know that Dave and I are both working parents and Sadie has been in daycare since she was a few months old. That being said, Sadie gets summers off from daycare much like she will in public school. The only reason this is the case is because Dave is a teacher so […]