And then I exploded out of my jeans…

Oh yes, Monday morning was a first for me.  When I was getting ready for work in the morning, watching the weather report, I saw it was HOLY MOTHER OF GOD COLD outside.  I think it was like 8 degrees out.  Major suckitude. Anywho, since it’s been so cold the last few weeks I’ve taken […]

And a new pair of GAP jeans for……

Laura from La Di Dah!!!! Laura suggested this dress from Forever21, and Laura – I ordered it this week! Thanks! Please email me at perksofbeingajap[@]gmail[.]com so I can mail out your jeans certificate! Thanks everyone for entering! You all picked out some gorgeous dresses!!!!

You can never have enough denim!

When Dave and I came home from our honeymoon, there was a large pile of mail to go through (and I mean LARGE). After throwing out all the junk mail, and opening birthday cards that accumulated while we were away, I ripped open a package that had come to find this bundle of cuteness waiting […]

GAP Giveaway Winners!!!

It’s finally that time!!! Before I get to the winners, I must say I am impressed! I got so many entries, new readers and people coming out of the wood work that it made my week! Here’s where we were at: – 66 of you entered.– 46 of you became, or were followers of my […]

Tra la la…….

I don’t have much to say today, except that I called out sick to work (woo hoo!), am recovering from my train last night being cut off like, 20 stops before mine in the GHETTO (MTA YOU SUCK), and am now lounging on my couch watching reruns of Project Runway Season 1 (Jay I Love […]

My PANTS PARTY! (And a giveaway!)

If you remember, I was chosen to be a Brand Enthusiast for the GAP, after meeting with the lovely Justine from Brand About Town. Well I finally got to have my party this Saturday, and it was so much fun! My parents were nice enough to let me have the party at their house in […]