A Little Spring in Your Step

It’s about 70 degrees today, and I am sooooo happy. I’m showing my enthusiasm by wearing this super cute dress from Urban Outfitters that I bought last week, and it’s yellow and springy looking. See dress here: Ooooh so pretty! And I look a lot happier than this model. In honor of the beautiful weather […]


After furniture shopping this past weekend, Dave decided that in order to maximize the space in our new apartment the best we can, we should figure out what goes where before doing the major purchases. (He’s smart. I would have bought stuff, thrown it anywhere and if it didn’t fit… ehh!) That said, Bob’s Furniture […]

Butt Implants (this may be TMI?)

Prelude to conversation between myself and Dave: Dave loves my butt. There I’ve said it. And with that said, he’s always touching it. So on Friday, he asked me if it annoyed me. You know, cause he’s always touching it and all. And I said no, cause well, it doesn’t. Which is really good, cause […]

From the Mouth of Dave

Dave (the boyfriend) is OBSESSED with Haribo gummies. He will buy bags at a time, and polish them off within minutes. We were IMing about how it was 9pm and he needed to go watch Heroes because he’s obsessed, and the following conversation was born: Dave: obsessed? This is obsession: Dave: consider this purchased. Lacey: […]