Guest Post: My Wife, Sandwich Nazi

As promised in my last post, Dave and I have prepared a tutorial for you on how I like my sandwiches made for lunch. Well, Dave wrote up the instructions. I took the pictures. (Please note that a lot of this is blatant lies and slander. I’ll let you figure out what parts are actually […]

Get up, come on get down with the sickness!

For the last week I’ve been feeling sick. First I had a lovely sore throat, then a nice cough and some congestion, and finally an ear infection!! Yay! Cause we all know I can’t cap off a cough/cold without a nice, raging ear infection to satisfy my 6 year old sickly self. Wah wah. I […]

Watch out, Brody Jenner

Drunk text from the boyfriend last night, while hanging out with his friend Chris… Dave: Chris is awesome. I missed him. If I have a bro’mance, it’s with him. Plus, I’m drunk. Classy. Although, Dave, you should know that it’s spelled “bromance” or “bro-mance”. No apostrophe needed. Sheesh.

The Female vs Male Mind

Scene: Watching a commercial for Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Lacey: Oh hey – that’s Traci Lords!! Dave: How do YOU know who Traci Lords is??? Lacey: She was in Cry Baby, duh!! How did he think I knew who she was? ๐Ÿ˜‰

We Don’t Need No Water Let the Motha F*cka Burn!

Dave made a delicious dinner tonight. There was Steak Au Poivre, courtesy of Alton Brown, and asparagus simmered in garlic. But before all of that, there was this: Dave made the steak with a brandy based sauce, which you have to LIGHT ON FIRE in the pan. See the middle picture there? Where the flames […]


Scene – Dave and I stuck in traffic on the way home from running some errands: Dave – See that car in front of us with the Calvin pissing sticker? Me – Yeah. Dave – That’s how you know that guy’s an asshole. End Scene.