Pay It Foward, Clothing Malfunction Style!

This was just going to be a regular Pay It Forward contest, where you all commented on this post (NOT like you did on yesterday’s post, that zero makes me sad. Ok, I just got a comment, so that sentence is negated. Anyway.) But then, like my buddy Spongebob there on the left, I realized […]

You know what really grinds my gears?

I hate it when the people at Dunkin Donuts don’t cut the bagel. They cut it in half, spread cream cheese on it, put the two halves together, and then you’re supposed to CUT THE BAGEL IN HALF AGAIN. SO I HAVE TWO HALVES OF A BAGEL. I have a small mouth. I have small […]

Dance White Girl, Dance!!

“I have no Flava“ That’s what Arielle uttered to me as we were sweating our asses off during a Pure Funk dance class at the Broadway Dance Center on Thursday.  Oh and did I mention that we were also making fools of ourselves?  Which is normal, but wow, were we glad to be in the […]


After furniture shopping this past weekend, Dave decided that in order to maximize the space in our new apartment the best we can, we should figure out what goes where before doing the major purchases. (He’s smart. I would have bought stuff, thrown it anywhere and if it didn’t fit… ehh!) That said, Bob’s Furniture […]

Tuesday Boobsday

I may or may not be wearing a bright pink bra that is almost clearly showing through my grey t-shirt. Why can’t the lighting in my apartment when I leave in the morning be the same as the lighting at work? FAIL.


I had to call 1800 Flowers to yell at them for sending an order early from our company. (Everything was supposed to be delivered on the 8th, this was delivered today.) As I’m on the 1800 Flowers website, looking for a phone number to call, I realize that I’m a moron. Let me repeat it […]