#20SBSummit – So. Much. AWESOME.

Picture via @jenniferalaine‘s TwitPic The inaugural 20 Something Bloggers Summit was this weekend.  I’m sure those of you who follow 20SB on Twitter and other members who attended were well aware, because we blew Twitter up each and every second we were there.  (I apologize. Kind of.)  I mean, we were a trending topic in […]

"That thong th thong thong thong!"

Ever since I got to work this morning I’ve been trying to figure out what this weird bump under my jeans was, by my left knee. Finally went to the bathroom to inspect. I’ve been walking around all day with a dirty thong tucked into my pants leg. Have fun with that one. All I […]

The many uses of Post-It Notes

So today I’m wearing this dress, which I already had an issue with because I didn’t have any nude underwear, and I’m not quite sure that the lightest color I could find this morning (light grey) are light enough. It turns out that I shouldn’t have been concerned about my underwear, because it’s more than […]

The best work out video EVER!

Today my coworkers and I got into a conversation about working out, and how Dave and I joined a new gym last night (one with less people, a women’s only weight room, classes and a smoothie bar!!) I was also talking about how I was upset with myself because I haven’t done the Shred since […]

Get up, come on get down with the sickness!

For the last week I’ve been feeling sick. First I had a lovely sore throat, then a nice cough and some congestion, and finally an ear infection!! Yay! Cause we all know I can’t cap off a cough/cold without a nice, raging ear infection to satisfy my 6 year old sickly self. Wah wah. I […]

Starting off the New Year with Something Old

On the 1st day of the year 2009, I’ve decided to share a journal entry with you, from the year 1998. When I moved with Dave, I found a bunch of my old journals. I was never actually really good about being a consistent writer, except for two years apparently, between 1996-1998. The pic on […]