Introducing: Street Food Friday!

[img] What is Street Food Friday, you ask? Street Food Friday is what happens when you have 4 blogger friends with an intense love of all things food carts and trucks. Each week, one of us will showcase one of our favorite pieces of street food. What we include in the posts may be different […]

"When the moon hits you eye like a big (Sicilian) pizza pie…that’s amore!"

On Saturday, Dave and I trekked, not unlike many adventurers before us, to lands unknown, in order to find the crème de la crème of ethnic foods.  Bridges crossed, GPS cursed at (for sending us to the wrong location!) and over an hour in the car later, we finally made it to our destination. L&B […]

On Being Healthy(er)

I went to my first bikram yoga class today (hot yoga) and I am in LOVE.  Holy hell do I feel good.  (And now I can cross that off my Life List!!)  When you first walk into the classroom it’s literally like walking into the inner depths of hell.  I think I saw the temp […]

Things learned in San Francisco

I was in San Fran for the 2nd time this spring (and I’m going back next month!) This time I finally got to do a little sight seeing, and I also learned a few things… – Sea lions are loud. And crazy cute. My coworkers and I kept yelling “Sea Lion fight!!!!!” whenever they would […]

So… much… food!!

GO SAINTS!!!!! (Really I was only rooting for them because they were the underdog, I didn’t want Peyton Manning to win, and my boyfriend Jeremy Shockey is on the Saints. (I was all about his white trashiness when he was on the Giants.) If you remember, last year’s Super Bowl theme was bacon. Oh, gluttonous […]